Sui Generis

My present to you. (pro rata; ad hoc; inter alia on iBooks, assembled with iAuthor) . Give it to all the peoples!

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Domestic Dabbling

2015-11-23 16.57.34home

Contemplating the Seated Power Pose, I suddenly wondered about endemic African ducks. And old Irish sayings: ‘there is no fireplace like your own fireplace’. If you’re lucky enough to have a hearth and home.

I feel guilty about neglecting my Duolingo too.

h/t ArtRage App; Amy Cuddy; African black duck.

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*Neuter Accusative of ‘Hic’

So, the snow has arrived. This called for sequestering of the body-in-denial under a comfy duvet; iPad and Netflix, hummus, blue corn chips, and a glass of wine. All thirteen episodes of Jessica Jones. That helped.

Also, I published ad hoc*, which is now available for download. Add some stars to the holiday season! 

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Terrestrial Troubles: Dekselse Duwweltjies!

Beware the Geeldikkop! Tribulus terrestris can provide you with many a flat tire. I cannot blame my current frustrations on the humble duwweltjie, alas. They were rife in the veld between my childhood home and school, and caused many a bicycle puncture or smarting foot. Baie-sukkel, yes. A common childish refrain it was, when someone wanted to snitch on you: “Run before the road is overgrown by duwweltjies!” Contrary to popular belief, it is not an aid to muscle-building.

2015-11-20 10.23.55DUWWELTJIE

H/T: Forest and Kim Starr, CC-BY-3

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Of Olives and Broccoli



I love olives. I do hope they can eradicate the dreaded Xylella fastidiosa, because the world would be a lesser place without olives. I believe there was a conference in Brussels about it…

Metaphorical theories

The greening of metaphorical theories…

The leaf-hopping brain steps up to the challenge!

The leaf-hopping brain steps up to the challenge!

As you do. Cheered up? (did you note the very common missing-one-leg to stand on? Sharp.)

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inter alia


inter alia is now available! Feel FREE to peruse it at your leisure …

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When you Wear your Heart on your Head

Light-hearted fashion for today’s octopus: that’s the way you do it! Lub-dup, lup-dup. Stronger than chalk.

H/T to Sea Urchin Spurs New Ideas For Lightweight Materials; Spatangidae!

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Try This At Home

Traveling long distances is a good way of getting illustrations done. That is, once your mind has been cleared by walking hills and valleys in the wild…

I hope those littlest rationalists have as much fun reading it as I had making it!

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Darwin’s Walk


A short walk today – 5.24km. We were lucky to see an endangered Blue Mountains water skink! And some beautiful scenery. 


You can read more about Charles Darwin’s Walk at Simply Australia.

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Let’s do the Manly Walk!

And a wonderful walk it was! (First the train, then the ferry.) On to the walk; admire the little stainless steel sculptures that line the Shelly Beach. I did not see the artist’s name, but after googling a bit, I  think they were  done by Tim Johnman. I liked them all, especially the leafy sea dragons and the gloomy octopuses. 

Of course, there were the real cabbage trees, the water dragons, the sulphur-crested cockatoos…and later on, a war quilt exhibition at the art museum. 

Rounded off with a scrumptious lunch. 

According to my  trusty Health App we only walked 7.99 km;  12,179 steps, and climbed but 15 floors, and all without the 20kg backpack ! Nevertheless,  we feel that we deserve our Just Another Sauv (from NZ!). And after that, maybe a wee bit of Sweet William Tastes-Like-Chocolate…


Cabbage tree palm


Leafy sea dragon


Gloomy octopus




Sea dragon


Sulphur-crested cockatoo


Lentil burger


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