When you give a Mouse a Cat Hair

Lagging Mouse

I really must stop beating up my poor mouse. It just had some cat hair on its little sensors.

h/t: The Most Powerful Movements in Biology/ American Scientist

Gorillas asking for food, etc: a quiz

Fun was had participating in the Great Ape Dictionary experiment.

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Pitch and Feather


‘Love these Will McPhail pigeons. (That’s the given link.)

Dr. Däckel Dachshund

H/T: Tar and feather, and Singularity black, which is the pitcherest black of all. Still working on the pitcheon.

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Glory Days

When a ball dreams: ultimate flying object

H/T: Ultimate Glory (via Narratively)“When a ball dreams, it dreams it’s a Frisbee.”

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Gripping Memories

Memory Storage in pictures
I have my photos on iPhotos, on Flickr, on Google photos. Flickr (used to?) give you one TB free storage, for iPhoto you need to pay for iCloud space, Google’s storage is limitless for reduced resolution. I like Google’s option because you can search your photos by keyword, and it makes nice collections of events. It’s also great for sharing albums. Every photo has its own (shortened) https link, but I think they decay? Flickr’s https-links are/were great. Frustratingly, I now have to delete duplicates endlessly, having triggered the automated upload on more than one front…this I need to sort out. Now I see iMazing, which is something like Time Machine for your iPhone and iPad…At some point all this memory curating may drive me crazy. Speaking of natural memory ability, today is my totem animal’s day. Me, my imagination and reality: a three-body problem. (I have finished The Heartland Trilogy– great fun, and have just started reading The Three Body Problem, by Liu Cixin, translated by Ken Liu) So far it’s fascinating. I must try to go through The Feynman Lectures on Physics (link not verified, free to read online)
Muscle Memory in Cats
Try Muscle Memory, Gatti!


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Friday Face-off: Supereg(g)os

Talking of Super-eggs

H/T to Supereggs and apologies to Piet Hein; in particular, this gruk.

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Déjà Vu


Contemplating Armageddon

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Dilly and Gatti are horrified by lack of legs to stand on

Talk about ‘foot-in-mouth‘! Dilly insists they were jellyfish larvae. It IS rather like something out of A Series of Unfortunate Events, yes. Mm: feet and ceilings

Speaking of feeding frenzies: I have finished the Atlanta Burns books and am on the second book of The Heartland Trilogy (by Chuck Wendig) Om-nom-nom-nom! (They are all extra-cheap on Amazon at the moment.)

H/T: Mystery sea creatures leave Australian teen bloodied after feasting on boy’s legs/ National/ Global News;
So, about this Googler’s manifesto/Yonatan Zunger

Real toe-biter (giant water bug):

Toe-biters: good dads

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Auspicious Avocado

Dilly and Gatti consider eight and what they ate.

The eighth of the eighth: an auspicious date for a 2+6.

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Civic Chilling

Dilly muses about pains in the neck.

Today is a civic holiday. What is meaningful work, and do cats worry about that?

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 There were gifappeltjies in one of my childhood stories; so it was interesting to see some in the game reserve. They are poisonous, though of the same genus as potatoes, tomatoes and brinjals. I believe they are Solanum tomentosums.

Wall balls at the gym

 Phew: At 37deg C, it’s too hot to go to the gym. No not-pink medicine wall balls today!


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