Blogging on my iPad is very frustrating. I suspect I am doing it wrong.

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Tops and Bottoms


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In which fleet-footed gators cross my mind

In which fleet-footed gators cross my mind

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Re: Booting

Re: Booting

Re: Booting

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Well: time to get fit.

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The unbelievably silent flight of owls inspired scientists to create a new noise-reducing material


Wonderful! Now to weave an owl flight sound signature scarf…

Originally posted on Quartz:

The stealthy, near-silent flight of owls has long fascinated scientists, who have spent hours trying to figure out how exactly such large birds are able to sail so quietly through the night sky.

Now, experts in applied mathematics, theoretical physics, and engineering have harnessed this knowledge to develop a material that reduces the noise of man-made wings—including the huge blades of wind turbines and, eventually, airplanes.

Nigel Peake, a professor at Cambridge University, said that people have long observed the quiet flight of owls without knowing exactly how it works. So, with researchers at Virginia Tech, Lehigh, and Florida Atlantic Universities, he used high resolution microscopes to examine owl feathers in detail. They found three features they believe help the birds fly so silently.

The first is “a downy covering, which resembles a forest canopy when viewed from above,” according to a description of the research. The wings also have a comb…

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Fuchsia Finery

fuchsia2015-06-16 09.31.57 fuchsia2015-06-16 09.32.41 fuchsia2015-06-16 09.33.16 fuchsia2015-06-16 09.33.43

Checking if ye olde IFTTT algorithm works for fuchsias. I don’t want to break the internet.

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Cat Scans

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A Plethora of Peonies

Spring time is double-stepping. Soon it will be summer.

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Winged Maple Seeds

So quick to seed.

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