Slow Time

We saw two very old things today on Big Beach: a cross-section of a seven-hundred-year-old red cedar and a ‘mystery shipwreck’ of around 1890, complete with young tree growing through the skeleton. The sea has pushed driftwood logs up against it and under it, and rusted nails rise from it like mushrooms. We stood admiring it, quietly contemplating that we were but the bark on the giant trunk’s perimeter, and had we been on the ship, nothing would have remained of us.We spent some slow time poking around in the tidal pools – teeming with tiny hermit crabs, small black and white fish, broken shells and aromatic, bulbous seaweed that popped when one stepped on it…one final walk on the breezy Long Beach, where the steps down to it had been washed away during a big storm, and still need to be repaired. The beaches are quiet now with the Victoria Day long weekend already a memory.

On to the graduation ceremony!


West Coast

 What a beautiful coastline. We walked most of the trails – most of the forest walks have well-maintained boardwalks, some well-worn, others brand new. The azaleas are in full bloom everywhere, bringing a festive air to everything. While we did not see any wolves, bears, or whales, we did run across a small snake basking in the sun, a black slug, a mottled yellow banana slug, lots of crows and robins, centipedes. Not many midges or mosquitoes at all. The woods are cool, perfect for walking.

Tofino has an excellent restaurant – Wolf in the Fog; a coffee bar with one of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted; a well-worth-the visit botanical garden, and a Roy Henry Vickers art gallery, amongst other attractions.

This attractive octopus came out to entertain us at the Ucluelet catch-and-release aquarium. I enjoyedthe aquarium tremendously!
Green anemones!
Whale fetus.

The Botanical Gardens: another high point.

I highly recommend Norwoods Restaurant in Ucluelet!

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Or maybe just the headless CMS #cartoon

Webbed Insights

But is it ectogenous?
iFrame Hyperconcubement or Daliesque diamonds?
The artful dodger is complimentary.
(A happy camper. Put down sturdy pegs!)
Might well be headless too – never groundless or footless though.
See how the little dinosaur runs!

Worship at the system’s feet.
Worser and worser…daar sal wors van kom
No defeat allowed.
Time has no arrow here.

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Asnailalysis Cataleapsis

After all these years!

At gym I have a strange mindblock against box jumps. I tried using a padded box, but that made no difference. I could still see it toppling over and me face-planting. I found that replacing the wooden box with cast-iron weight wheels allows my mind to let go somewhat. They have no corners, and are heavy, stable and stackable. I still cannot jump very high, but it feels like a breakthrough.

 Also:  I finally updated my old iWeb site! (Behold: I learnt all kinds of new stuff. Forward-ho!

Colourful, slow-slithering  snail
Do electric snails dream of jumping?

h/t: RNA Moves a Memory From One Snail to Another – The Scientist

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