Holy Schmoly!

the black hole spins clockwise
gravity bends the light
general relativity’s exotic consequence
M87 is a monster mass
Sagittarius A* sleeps on
unseen power needs x-ray vision

Meanwhile, Michibelle’s been researching her august ancestry. What a cat!

How to Crest a Skeleton Coast Dune

Quadbike Shipwreck

Feel your sits-bones on the saddle;
try to rise above your fear.
Now you grip the handle bars;
remember to be in second gear.
Don’t use the foot break; accelerate!
The top of the dune is near.
Your heart lurches as you crest;
rise up and over; slow.
Hear the drum of the sand in your ears
and the beat of your heart in your chest.
Now, swallow the pleasure tears,
hot sun, red sand; let’s go again!

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