Foster Baby

We have adopted Kamok! It is heart-wrenching to see the elephant babies nestling against their blankets. Let’s hope she grows up strong and happy.

The ostrich babies Pea and Pod are quite large already!

The ostrich scarf being done and dusted, here is an elephant one. (It is an African elephant, not a white elephant.)

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Wild Pig!

  We’ve had a wildcat, a wild dog; on to a wild pig. H/T to the common warthog

I don’t have much time, and access to Internet may disappear for a while.

The real McCoy:

And the poster child…

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Painted Dog

  I like tri-coloured hounds and calico cats, I cannot lie. 
The African wild dog is a sociable canid, different from other carnivores in that it is the mature females that leave the natal pack instead of the males. 

Well, I now you can have a wildcat AND a wild dog

It’s only been a week. You were the bestest, dear Moondough Pepper.  


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Silvestris Sauvage

(CC-BY-2.0; built with the help of a mishmash of pictures; mainly from the British Wildlife Centre’s stash on Flickr)

I chose the blue background for the Scottish/Nova Scotia influence. It should be #0065BD for Scotland, but I just eye-balled it. It is correct here! ( Of course, you can choose your own colour…)

Here is a crop of an old picture from NYPL:

I don’t like the tail on it; it should be more bushy and raccoony! I love the logo of the Wildcat Haven; check it out.

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Daddy Longlegs Covers It 

 (CC-BY-2.0: Kathy)


Playing around with the Adobe Post App; Daddy Longlegs. This excellent photo is in the Public Domain.

(Heh: Fifty Shades of Amberfreude…maybe not a children’s book?)

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Hoppy, Hissy, Hoopoe!

(Built on a photo by Calvin Smith; some translations by Avibase.)

Ah, the way the onomatopoeic hoopoes sunbathed with spread wing and fan tail, followed by a dust scrub. And the hisses!

 Alas, the only own photo I have is that of the similarly-scimitarbilled wood hoopoe, an order-related featherling. (Dash-it, they are stirrup-shaped-bone-ears!)

I like the A in there.

Go on, have a hissy fit; it will look good on you!

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Squids in Striped Pyjamas

Cuttlefish wear their shells on the inside? Probably safer. Pyjama squids are squids of a stripe, undeniably pretty. Zebra stripes developed to keep stinging flies away and not for camouflage, as shown clearly by this squishy dumpling. I love their W eyes, or is it an upside-down M?

Together with the blue-ringed octopus and Pfeffer’s flamboyant cuttlefish, S. lineolata is suspected to be one of the few venomous cephalopods.

Get yours to cuddle!

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Pretty Pricklypus 

Posture perfect! Stand the high ground! Wrap yourself in a sociable scarf of colourful display. I didn’t offer a navy one yet, now I do. I can vouch for the loveliness of the scarves and most of the other items. The leggings are a bit shiny though. 

(h/t to NYPL PD pictures)

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Howlers and Hyoids

IMG_0132 copy

The Year of the Red (Howler) Monkey is almost upon us! May you find what sets you on fire.

If you happen to be a candidate for not holding forth on the veracity of astrology, you should appreciate a T-shirt instead. It speaks volumes. (With just a little monkey moue.) You know what they say about those negatively correlated hyoids

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Out of this World Olm

IMG_0126 copy

oh, yeah; it’s an olm: take a gander

Homer’s Old Man of the Sea

hail the pale protean deity

terrific three-toed, two-toed salamander!

The olm was used by Charles Darwin in his famous On the Origin of Species as an example for the reduction of structures through disuse:

Far from feeling surprise that some of the cave-animals should be very anomalous…as is the case with blind Proteus with reference to the reptiles of Europe, I am only surprised that more wrecks of ancient life have not been preserved, owing to the less severe competition to which the scanty inhabitants of these dark abodes will have been exposed.

(via Wikipedia)

Why, it even looks spry on a tie!



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