Divas and Doormats


This is a funny podcast on Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon.

It is almost April, time for NaPoWriMo. I enjoyed last year’s prompts and hatched The Ineffable Essence of Windeggs. Not being affiliated with any poetry magazines, my scribblings will go into my own magazine: A Parnassian Poetaster.

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In the Bat Cave


We did not leave the cave today


The rain had ruffled our spokes


and vampired the sun.


Look up to the patter through the skylight pane


Tomorrow the bumbershoot squids

 will spread their fins again.

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Weekend Walkabout


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Try Umph


A kind of narrowing of the scope. Un petit triomphe personnel: I did not skip the skipping. Oh, the cleverosity! 

On an asides: Have you read “Triomf“, by Marlene van Niekerk? A powerful, nightmarish story. I have not seen the movie. 

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Double Dabble


I am fascinated by the double-prong horns-of-a-dilemma of the extinct arsinoitherium, and saddened to think that the rhinoceros is well on its way to follow in its footsteps. But so we all are. 

Some time today I will reverse-image search some of these shots on the Reversee app, just to see what comes up. 

#Photo101 is almost done!


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Effable Edges


Another egregious grab bag…I dreamt all night of ‘mind-the-gap’ and platform edges, the mind trying to fill the gap. Serves me right for sneakily checking out today’s theme beforehand, and leaving it to the dream-brain to filter and sort! “Edge” is such an evocative word.

Have you seen what the edge of a cat’s tongue looks like? Check it out:

Wellcome Trust Image Award Winners 2015

And then there is this alarming edge:

20 percent of the world’s forests are just 100 meters from a human-created “edge”

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(Curated+ Cropped + Filtered) Glass = Cheating@Photo101

Vegas,Paris,St. Louis,Helsinki, and?

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Touch Wood


  The treasure that comes from trees: wood. The cross-section of a life.


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Helsinki Honing Hiatus

‘Looks like an eclipse!


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Cabbage at Kappeli

       The cabbage rolls were tasty.

A little history of Kappeli’s.

Finland is the eighth largest country in Europe, with only about five and and a half million people. I cannot understand the language at all- most of the words have many syllables too! And a cornucopia of k’s. It is a member of the Uralic languages. (It is not on Duolingo (yet?), but I see Swedish is there. Too many languages, too little time!)


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