Darwin’s Walk


A short walk today – 5.24km. We were lucky to see an endangered Blue Mountains water skink! And some beautiful scenery. 


You can read more about Charles Darwin’s Walk at Simply Australia.

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Let’s do the Manly Walk!

And a wonderful walk it was! (First the train, then the ferry.) On to the walk; admire the little stainless steel sculptures that line the Shelly Beach. I did not see the artist’s name, but after googling a bit, I  think they were  done by Tim Johnman. I liked them all, especially the leafy sea dragons and the gloomy octopuses. 

Of course, there were the real cabbage trees, the water dragons, the sulphur-crested cockatoos…and later on, a war quilt exhibition at the art museum. 

Rounded off with a scrumptious lunch. 

According to my  trusty Health App we only walked 7.99 km;  12,179 steps, and climbed but 15 floors, and all without the 20kg backpack ! Nevertheless,  we feel that we deserve our Just Another Sauv (from NZ!). And after that, maybe a wee bit of Sweet William Tastes-Like-Chocolate…


Cabbage tree palm


Leafy sea dragon


Gloomy octopus




Sea dragon


Sulphur-crested cockatoo


Lentil burger


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Witch Hazel

WIP: Tricksy Critters! 

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Colour Bugs



WIP: Colour Bugs!

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The Painted Horn: visiting a rock art site in Somalia


Cave cattle horns in the Horn of Africa: beautiful.

Originally posted on British Museum blog:

Jorge de Torres, Project Cataloguer, African Rock Art Image Project, British Museum

Painted image of long-horned cow with human figure underneath, Laas Geel, Somalia (Photograph © TARA/David Coulson – image not yet catalogued) Painted image of long-horned cow with human figure underneath, Laas Geel, Somalia. (Photograph © TARA/David Coulson – image not yet catalogued)

As I look up at the rock shelter here in Somalia, several thoughts cross my mind about the beautiful pieces of rock art above me. There’s always a strange feeling when you visit for the first time a place you have been studying for a long while: a merging of expectations, recognition and, in some cases, a feeling of its being other than how one had imagined it. The first time I saw the Pyramids in Egypt, for all their greatness and despite the myriad of photos, they appeared somehow different to how I had pictured them. However, this has never been the case for me when faced with the paintings and engravings on natural rock surfaces…

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Longlegged Lutzomyia



Still Paper53-ing. No expectations of turning into Matisse yet;  I am sure he would have enjoyed the ‘cut’ tool.

H/T: Description of  Lutzomyia: A new species of sandfly.

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Magicale Morte

2:2015-07-20 10.27.411:2015-07-20 10.18.11 3:2015-07-20 10.17.51

I found a little cicada treasure this morning! The end of July (and the magic cicadas), is in sight. There’s a little strand of fibre on the third shot’s eye, unfortunately.

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Watched “Still Alice“; super-sad. And made lots of doodles with Paper53, which was fun. Instead of a “vegan” meal, I got served a “muslim” meal…

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Need Inspiration? Come See Our Collections!


Inspiring, yes.

Originally posted on Canadian Museum of Nature - Blog:

Did you know that our 10 million specimens are a source of artistic inspiration?

Visual artist Mary Baranowski-Lowden routinely visits our collections at our research and collections facility to make drawings.

Mary’s main medium of expression is etching. She moved from the very urban city of Toronto, Ontario, and now lives in a pastoral setting along the Gatineau River in Wakefield, Quebec. She finds the nature that surrounds her inspired her work. Its complexity presents its own challenges.

It all began with a bird’s nest. The sculpture-like construction intrigued her. Driven by the desire to understand, be inspired by this “work of art”, and do justice to Mother Nature’s model in her drawings, Mary decided she wanted to learn more about the nest and the species of bird that created it.

Collage of nest, bird and plant images Top left: Copper engraving of the first nest, drawn below. Right: Prized collage (Natural Elements II) containing the…

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Peanuts for Nothing and your Bugs For Free

Well, the crash problem seems to be iPad-related…
H/T to this interesting beastie: the lantern fly, peanut bug, alligator bug: Fulgora laternaria. It carries a lantern for art and science!

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