Dilly and Dalí: Weeding

Dig up Dalí's DNA

h/t: Digging up Dalí: what the spectacle of the artist’s exhumation reveals about us/ Prospect

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“My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what’s really going on to be scared.”  P.J. Plauger

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FlyDay Pied Fly

blue jay victim of windows

picture of a blue jay foot

Well, tomorrow I fly. I will miss the bird feeder and its garrulous visitors. I also feel sad for the blue jay, who met with the glass wall of infinity.

a cartoon of a pied crow and fly chromosplit mashup

I had been looking for a picture of a raven claw…’guess the blue jay’s would not be much different, albeit smaller. You can combine a raven and a fly…okay, a pied crow and a fly. (Just because I like pied crows and because the digital finger is mighty.) But can you combine pi and e? (Discovered via The Browser!)

portrait of a horse fly Tabanus atratus, PD, Wikimedia Commons
Portrait of a horse fly!

Well, no more spouting for a while. The blogging ball will just have to levitate by itself for a bit. Maybe. I will take my iPad with me…

a cartoon of a pied fly juggling a yin yang ball

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