Going Solar (Sonneblom Grom)

For fun (but little financial incentive) I consider translating my children’s stories into Afrikaans, starting with The Sunflower That Roared. Mm: this cover might be a bit noir…

Maybe it’s more suited as a poster for solar power:

This needs to be the future:
The state of residential solar power/ Ars Technica

In other exciting news, galore is now available! (on iBooks only though)

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Soft Jump

The Agile Frog
The Agile Frog

Some Thing

Ah! froglet, froggy

that croaks in the rain

ah! flylet fly

you hum affably as you fly

what háve I in common with you?

it’s there, it’s there

but I don’t know what:

I awake in the debris

amazed to hear a frog

hear a fly

and slumber ichor-sweetly in

(translated from Sheila CussonsSoft Jump, published 1979, by Tafelberg-Uitgewers Beperk; found in storage. Cussons was also a visual artist; I found this rather unique(?) piece.)

An interesting related article: The Artistry of Sheila Cussons, via LitNet.

Via Biodiversity Heritage Library flickr.com site
Pictures via Biodiversity Heritage Library‘s flickr.com site


Winter Meal


The twin peaks hide in mist or white flurries

on lentil-, pea soup-, bacon-and-bean- slurries

that damp against the windows of white gable faces.

Red wine bottles warm before fireplaces

and in wooden bowls fitting the season

stand guavas, stacked, sweet oranges and lemons

We will at times murmur in hushed voice;

eat curried dishes, pork ribs and venison of choice,

dumplings with cinnamon, freckled pancakes.

When your head its comfort on the pillow takes,

the Eerste Rivier gushes a noisy rumble

and inside you the pebbles grind and tumble.

This is a translation of D J Opperman’s II Winter poem, one of four (seasons), written for the Gourmet Guild, actually for Annatjie Melck*; via Komas Uit ‘n Bamboesstok, published by Human and Rousseau, bundle extracted from storage.

*This link shows a possible reference, and as a bonus, some great photographs (including some taken at an old De Villiers wine farm, Villiera,  as well as a few tempting recipes. I have not had the wines…)