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Gripping Memories

I have my photos on iPhotos, on Flickr, on Google photos. Flickr (used to?) give you one TB free storage, for iPhoto you need to pay for iCloud space, Google’s storage is limitless for reduced resolution. I like Google’s option … Continue reading

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Quote from Accelerando

Found by Michelle de Villiers in Accelerando. (by Charles Stross) Aineko is the brilliant cat in the story. But: Are Humans still evolving? Yes, according to John Hawks: Modern Humans Still Evolving, Faster and Faster (via NPR). Aceleramos!

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Sadly, Gravitas

Very Little Gravitas Indeed Stark ink letters in iron-ruled fetters (don’t mock your betters!)  on to disciplined gird…you sinner against the word! Here:  a really humble rhyme only because i stumble all the time: i’m not too word-sprightly i present … Continue reading

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