Lissome Lily

The lovely Lily, take two. Tan Linda!

Did you mention me? Why is my nose itchy otherwise? Yes, I know I’m lovely.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

  ‘Feel like you’re dancing in an “elegant planetary ballet choreographed by the laws of physics” ? Lulled by the liquified lava lake Loki? No? Moms don’t let life give them the Wilis; they just put on the mom boots and dance! Yay for moms.

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I am reading Deirdre Kelly’s Ballerina: Sex, Scandal, and Suffering Behind The Symbol of Perfection

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Red Roses Are Red and Horses


H/T to the rose. I you’re a realist, read about the rose here. If you’re a tasteful consumer, here is your Red Rose. If your medium is mystery, let’s go Sub Rosa. We aim to please.

Horse Trading

In the horse-trade of life

free will is like free lunches

that’s why I would never be a dentist;

imagine probing all those free lunch cavities.

A horse doctor might be different

-you’d still have to look the gift horse in the mouth though-

as you dream of unicorns

but you could laugh about it;

snort, whinny even.


horse trading
Gift Horses