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Touché Cliché

So, there’s a pussyhat in the V&A, but no wiki yet. Sunday Mental Gym Poem: de-monstrate, not tell I have been reading lists of clichés; listening to talks about random violence-or-not at chuckycheezes spoiler: it’s usually a domestic affair Also: … Continue reading

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*Neuter Accusative of ‘Hic’

So, the snow has arrived. This called for sequestering of the body-in-denial under a comfy duvet; iPad and Netflix, hummus, blue corn chips, and a glass of wine. All thirteen episodes of Jessica Jones. That helped.    Also, I published ad … Continue reading

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Painterly Pleasures

(Inspired by Physics – Focus: Oil Droplets Form Surprising Structures) Found this again today: Quand vous serez bien Veille (Ronsard) Quand vous serez bien vieille, au soir, à la chandelle, Assise auprès du feu, dévidant et filant, Direz, chantant mes … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo#10: Beastie Abecedarian

(Friday Feline meets Friday Field Mouse) A one-sided stand-off was occurring between the window and the birdhouse; cat whiskers slightly trembling, deconstructing seeds: the field mouse ever-twitching rodent fluff ball, foraging for food with cheeky grin good neighbours made by … Continue reading

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Fluid Fourteener

Coquettish Colours The blue and yellow droplets are aggressively at play in a dancing fluid dynamic kind of way; the surface tensions and evaporation rates the cause of nearby drops to feel a strange attractive chasing force! H/T: Stanford researchers … Continue reading

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Divas and Doormats

   This is a funny podcast on Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon. It is almost April, time for NaPoWriMo. I enjoyed last year’s prompts and hatched The Ineffable Essence of Windeggs. Not being affiliated with any poetry magazines, my scribblings will go into … Continue reading

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Cataphonic Translation

The poiein feline has committed a felony. Don’t worry, it’s literally a thought crime only. There are only seven days left of this NaPoWriMo! Estonian Cat My likes: one vague lull, my kissing, my licks, in case you’ll lap it … Continue reading

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Blue Blackbirds

brought to you by Blue Johari on Monday:

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Soft Jump

Some Thing Ah! froglet, froggy that croaks in the rain ah! flylet fly you hum affably as you fly what háve I in common with you? it’s there, it’s there but I don’t know what: I awake in the debris … Continue reading

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Peepholes to the Past

Peepholes (a translation of Loergate, by D J Opperman) My three daughters hung at Franskraal* a washed-up Japanese net against the bare bricks of the play hall on old copper ship’s yard nails and in the black knotted mesh they … Continue reading

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