Klompe klompe
Things are going klopdisselboom! Dilly the gogga wears new clogs, not Träskors or Harley Davidsons like she used to, but home-chewed ones. She’s been watching an old favorite, Robert Sapolsky. Maybe she should read  his new book, Behave… (This interview “You have no Free Will” is also interesting.)
Dilly rows her winged clog.

I love thistles, which include the Cynara/artichoke, with its added allure of providing vegetable rennet for vegetarians that like cheese.

spent thistle

Thistle bush


Goggatjie, nou is jou kansie
Trek aan die rooi klompe en dans
Ek breek vir jou ‘n lansie
Al is die wêreld uit wans-
Dis tog elke gogga se droom:
klopdisselboom, klopdisselboom
Die distel is so mooi en so pers
fier en regop, soos ‘n kers
stekels en prikkels is niks;
hulle hou jou net fiks
Jy kan dans dat die stof so staan
-daarna kom die heengaan-
kap ‘it uit:
Dans goggatjie, dans.

Work in progress; painting of thistles

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Red Roses Are Red and Horses


H/T to the rose. I you’re a realist, read about the rose here. If you’re a tasteful consumer, here is your Red Rose. If your medium is mystery, let’s go Sub Rosa. We aim to please.

Horse Trading

In the horse-trade of life

free will is like free lunches

that’s why I would never be a dentist;

imagine probing all those free lunch cavities.

A horse doctor might be different

-you’d still have to look the gift horse in the mouth though-

as you dream of unicorns

but you could laugh about it;

snort, whinny even.


horse trading
Gift Horses





Re:verse Prosopagnosia


Re:verse Prosopagnosia

Be your own story, be your own plot

Learn tough lessons, how to be mild

Transplant to a boroughs lot

of a wild flower, child

Scatter on three continents, the seed

Spring up in a wildlife trail

Shoot up like a veld weed

Cropping a reverse fail



Dozen Day! It is NaPoGloMo Day 12…Without further ado, an Index Poem:


Chrys waters the castor oil plant

that grows next to the cardboard castle

in Uganda

There she has chameleons.

They chat and play with charms;

she does her hair in chignons

like the girls

of Dodinga,

of Karamojo,

of iNiashukulumbi, of Shilluk, of Suk,

of Turkana.

The colobus, Coly

pretends to be a cormorant

but Coucal chases the cranes


over craters and crests

past the crocodiles

cuckoo, lark-heeled.

*Chrysanthemums ; Pyrethrum, the Old World Chrysanthemum:



made with Paper53, and Man and Beast in Eastern Ethiopia‘s input.


Painterly Pleasures

(Inspired by Physics – Focus: Oil Droplets Form Surprising Structures)

Found this again today:

Quand vous serez bien Veille (Ronsard)

Quand vous serez bien vieille, au soir, à la chandelle,
Assise auprès du feu, dévidant et filant,
Direz, chantant mes vers, en vous émerveillant :
Ronsard me célébrait du temps que j’étais belle.

Lors, vous n’aurez servante oyant telle nouvelle,
Déjà sous le labeur à demi sommeillant,
Qui au bruit de mon nom ne s’aille réveillant,
Bénissant votre nom de louange immortelle.

Je serai sous la terre et fantôme sans os :
Par les ombres myrteux je prendrai mon repos :
Vous serez au foyer une vieille accroupie,

Regrettant mon amour et votre fier dédain.
Vivez, si m’en croyez, n’attendez à demain :
Cueillez dès aujourd’hui les roses de la vie.

— Sonnets pour Hélène, 1587 (via Bewildering Stories)