Slow Time

We saw two very old things today on Big Beach: a cross-section of a seven-hundred-year-old red cedar and a ‘mystery shipwreck’ of around 1890, complete with young tree growing through the skeleton. The sea has pushed driftwood logs up against it and under it, and rusted nails rise from it like mushrooms. We stood admiring it, quietly contemplating that we were but the bark on the giant trunk’s perimeter, and had we been on the ship, nothing would have remained of us.We spent some slow time poking around in the tidal pools – teeming with tiny hermit crabs, small black and white fish, broken shells and aromatic, bulbous seaweed that popped when one stepped on it…one final walk on the breezy Long Beach, where the steps down to it had been washed away during a big storm, and still need to be repaired. The beaches are quiet now with the Victoria Day long weekend already a memory.

On to the graduation ceremony!


Gripping Memories

Memory Storage in pictures
I have my photos on iPhotos, on Flickr, on Google photos. Flickr (used to?) give you one TB free storage, for iPhoto you need to pay for iCloud space, Google’s storage is limitless for reduced resolution. I like Google’s option because you can search your photos by keyword, and it makes nice collections of events. It’s also great for sharing albums. Every photo has its own (shortened) https link, but I think they decay? Flickr’s https-links are/were great. Frustratingly, I now have to delete duplicates endlessly, having triggered the automated upload on more than one front…this I need to sort out. Now I see iMazing, which is something like Time Machine for your iPhone and iPad…At some point all this memory curating may drive me crazy. Speaking of natural memory ability, today is my totem animal’s day. Me, my imagination and reality: a three-body problem. (I have finished The Heartland Trilogy– great fun, and have just started reading The Three Body Problem, by Liu Cixin, translated by Ken Liu) So far it’s fascinating. I must try to go through The Feynman Lectures on Physics (link not verified, free to read online)
Muscle Memory in Cats
Try Muscle Memory, Gatti!


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Laslappies en Vonkelwyn (Scraps and Bubbly)

Ouma se Berg! (Near Betty’s Bay in the Cape)


With a glass of Hermanuspietersfontein on hand (longest Afrikaans name for a winery), you will smile…

Houw Hoek farm stall: A must-stop, with the best fresh bread.





20140203-233041.jpg Miss Molly of Môreson, a fortuitous discovery.

20140203-233009.jpg This is the point, of course, where you appreciate this saying. (H/T to Wild Goose Studio’s casting by Oísin Kelly.) There is no fireside like your own fireside…

20140203-233430.jpg This is also the point where I cannot remember the name of this splendid tree. In my defense, I have a cracking headache and a miserable cold. (Quercus suber: a cork tree in the wine region makes sense! 🙂 )