Try Umph


A kind of narrowing of the scope. Un petit triomphe personnel: I did not skip the skipping. Oh, the cleverosity! 

On an asides: Have you read “Triomf“, by Marlene van Niekerk? A powerful, nightmarish story. I have not seen the movie. 


Double Dabble


I am fascinated by the double-prong horns-of-a-dilemma of the extinct arsinoitherium, and saddened to think that the rhinoceros is well on its way to follow in its footsteps. But so we all are. 

Some time today I will reverse-image search some of these shots on the Reversee app, just to see what comes up. 

#Photo101 is almost done!


Effable Edges


Another egregious grab bag…I dreamt all night of ‘mind-the-gap’ and platform edges, the mind trying to fill the gap. Serves me right for sneakily checking out today’s theme beforehand, and leaving it to the dream-brain to filter and sort! “Edge” is such an evocative word.

Have you seen what the edge of a cat’s tongue looks like? Check it out:

Wellcome Trust Image Award Winners 2015

And then there is this alarming edge:

20 percent of the world’s forests are just 100 meters from a human-created “edge”



(Curated+ Cropped + Filtered) Glass = Cheating@Photo101

Vegas,Paris,St. Louis,Helsinki, and?

Touch Wood


  The treasure that comes from trees: wood. The cross-section of a life.


Cabbage at Kappeli

       The cabbage rolls were tasty.

A little history of Kappeli’s.

Finland is the eighth largest country in Europe, with only about five and and a half million people. I cannot understand the language at all- most of the words have many syllables too! And a cornucopia of k’s. It is a member of the Uralic languages. (It is not on Duolingo (yet?), but I see Swedish is there. Too many languages, too little time!)