Et Zucchini, Courgette?

Yummy zucchini flower painting

The power of the flower. Ah, the tastiness of zucchini flowers!

cartoon of a zucchini flower

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It’s complex: How the zebra got its stripes: a problem with too many solutions / Open Science:

How the zebra got its stripes: a problem with too many solutions

Brenda LarisonRyan J. HarriganHenri A. ThomassenDaniel I. RubensteinAlec M. Chan-GolstonElizabeth LiThomas B. Smith

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Three Pieces (of Me)

Dream Tree
Dream (sold)

Three of my paintings are included in the current digital exhibition: The Story of the Creative, put on by You are welcome to support me

Fright Night
Fright Night
Accept only Creative Outcomes
Accept only Creative Outcomes

Mind the Hiatus

Hiatus Horses
Hiatus Horses

Fixing the leak has turned into ripping out the ceiling and ripping off the roof…so, there will be a hiatus in posting. I will be painting horses, behind plastic wrap.

M/ W? Elementary: from Earth, my dear Watson

MW, ink and watercolour, illustration
MW, ink and watercolour, illustration

Pervasive categorization (such an ugly word) is what humans like to do.


(Wo)Man; acrylic, 36"x60", Sold; Michelle de Villiers
(Wo)Man; acrylic; 36″x60″; Sold; Michelle de Villiers

How about if they also have different coloured eyes? (via Dangerous Minds)

If you ain’t wrong, you’re right;
If it ain’t day, it’s night . . .
If it ain’t dry, it’s wet . . .
Gotta be this or that.”
Sunny Skylar


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Men and Women Are From Earth: Examining the Latent
Structure of Gender
Bobbi J. Carothers and Harry T. Reis
Online First Publication, October 22, 2012. doi: 10.1037/a0030437