Hello Helianthus


I love sunflowers and their fabulous Fibonaccity. I have spent an enjoyable time looking at pictures of them- my own are few and far between.

The sunflower’s disk is especially impressive, with its smaller ray florets. (Thank you, StinkBreath!)

Sunflower disk.jpg
(By StinkBreathOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42466401)

Here is another one showing the disc florets, where they look like tiny churros, sprinkled with pollen icing. Spot the larva in the centre.

Here are two I found on BibliOdyssey, one fanciful, one fine:



Then I searched for another one I had seen in an old book displayed in an Oxford Museum and came across a great collection on plantillustrations.org! Here is one I liked particularly:


And here is BlurryfaceMcBlurryFaceFace (#TheInternetNamesThings). It cares what you think:


Yay for  The Sunflower that Roared!

Last, but not least: the wearable Sunflower, Helianthus.



Wild Gardenia

wildekatjiepiering The fragrant, exquisite Wild gardenia, Rothmannia capensis (wildekatjiepiering, which translates as wildcat-saucer) has the miaowsical ability to make you feel happy! Or confused, if you are a kitty trying to lap up that creamy milk. Then you’d have a sick cat.  My cats have never tried to ingest the toxic flowers.


It also makes an attractive seed pod.(Thanks, Mom!)




Rothmannia capensis Thunb. Date 1803 Source Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, vol. 18: t. 690 (1803) [as Gardenia rothmannia L.f.] Author Sydenham Edwards (1768-1819) via Wikipedia, PD