The Horns of Time

NaPoWriMo 2016, all in one place:

IMG_0726The Horns of Time


Rosemary Memories


I remember clearly the moment

our bilateral eureka moment

incurred fatal funny bone damage

The borrowed scars, so fair:

a remedy against the plague

Wisely we parley

Time married and had seconds

The minute storm is weathered

It slakes the thirst of dull desire

H/T: Rosemary; Scarborough Fair

Do you remember Suzanne Vega’s Rosemary?

Soon NaPoWriMo2016 will also be a memory. Fun, as always. ‘Poetry tells the truth. That’s why people hate it’. Who said that? (Apparently from The Big Short) But! “We have art, that we may not die of truth.” (Nietzsche) Still, we die.



Re:verse Prosopagnosia


Re:verse Prosopagnosia

Be your own story, be your own plot

Learn tough lessons, how to be mild

Transplant to a boroughs lot

of a wild flower, child

Scatter on three continents, the seed

Spring up in a wildlife trail

Shoot up like a veld weed

Cropping a reverse fail

Axolotl: An Amphibian

So, that’s the NaPoWriMo refrain for the day. How about some more amphibians? Can you ID them?

Brought to you, with love, from that awesome axolotl:

Now I can settle into my journey and do an axolotl design, because who wouldn’t want one? Goodbye, Vancouver, you were pretty fair.

Owl Whale


Owl Whale

I could’t find a whale dictionary

in the special internet owl dictionary shop

I found the goose-beaked whale instead


What an owl whale of a time I had with it:

Cuvier’s beaked whale, water-owl of old

Ziphius with the toothed beak


Strap on your xiphos-sword;

pierce the word-ship’s hull

Does your sea-song get bent in that concave skull?


or are you diving deeper and deeper

to escape the noisy information sea

and the Japanese scientific cull?


Il n’y a plus rien, avec le temps. (See Léo Ferré)


Bonus: Just for you, because you couldn’t care a sou: Beaked Whale


20562915226_a8d57cc525_z copy

Image from page 27 of “Cetaceans of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary / prepared for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service by Stephen Leatherwood; Cetaceans of the Channel 




Dozen Day! It is NaPoGloMo Day 12…Without further ado, an Index Poem:


Chrys waters the castor oil plant

that grows next to the cardboard castle

in Uganda

There she has chameleons.

They chat and play with charms;

she does her hair in chignons

like the girls

of Dodinga,

of Karamojo,

of iNiashukulumbi, of Shilluk, of Suk,

of Turkana.

The colobus, Coly

pretends to be a cormorant

but Coucal chases the cranes


over craters and crests

past the crocodiles

cuckoo, lark-heeled.

*Chrysanthemums ; Pyrethrum, the Old World Chrysanthemum:



made with Paper53, and Man and Beast in Eastern Ethiopia‘s input.