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The Horns of Time

NaPoWriMo 2016, all in one place: The Horns of Time Advertisements

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Transförmer Poem

Oh, Tomas Tranströmer!  Apologies for the poetic license. Thank you to NaPoWriMo.net for all the prompt prompts.

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Rosemary Memories

#Remember I remember clearly the moment our bilateral eureka moment incurred fatal funny bone damage The borrowed scars, so fair: a remedy against the plague Wisely we parley Time married and had seconds The minute storm is weathered It slakes … Continue reading

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Re:verse Prosopagnosia

Re:verse Prosopagnosia Be your own story, be your own plot Learn tough lessons, how to be mild Transplant to a boroughs lot of a wild flower, child Scatter on three continents, the seed Spring up in a wildlife trail Shoot … Continue reading

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Axolotl: An Amphibian

So, that’s the NaPoWriMo refrain for the day. How about some more amphibians? Can you ID them? Brought to you, with love, from that awesome axolotl:  Now I can settle into my journey and do an axolotl design, because … Continue reading

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Owl Whale

Owl Whale I could’t find a whale dictionary in the special internet owl dictionary shop I found the goose-beaked whale instead   What an owl whale of a time I had with it: Cuvier’s beaked whale, water-owl of old Ziphius … Continue reading

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Dozen Day! It is NaPoGloMo Day 12…Without further ado, an Index Poem: CHRYSANTHEMUM’S CASTLE (click!) Chrys waters the castor oil plant that grows next to the cardboard castle in Uganda There she has chameleons. They chat and play with charms; … Continue reading

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Purple Pitcher Plant

   This one looks…orange. So, for Day 7 of NaPoWriMo we tried the tritina, and it was trying.(Na baie gepoerpoer.) Other technology frustrations kept troubling the poetic waters, but we rode the day side-saddle and the puddly Pitcher plant got shoe-horned … Continue reading

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Hospice Eyes

hospice eyes no deck of cards no shelf of books a world shrunk to a bed with rails eyes light up as you grit your teeth at hospice wails who are you again my dear? do sit! (acrylic monotype)

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Blind Edges

Blind Edges my eyes, my sensors, scan the crimson pomegranate on the darkened table: clenched kernels, a brain-fist; some loose ones swimming- like the smallest squid in a shadow sea …before the picture then, came the sensor eye, …then culture handprinted … Continue reading

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