Thermodynamically Motivated Gouda

I read an ebook this weekend. I enjoyed it a lot, even though it sprang a few formatting hernias on my iPad, probably because it was meant to be read on a Kindle. Trying to match the errant continuation of a hilarious paragraph on an adhering page was fun — an additional bonus in a way — especially since I’ve had my own share of ebook formatting problems. That the style it was written in was inspired by an author I also enjoyed, added to my interest.

My own similar-style attempt/WIP lead to an editor delicately advising me to maybe consider changing the entire work to a wordless graphic novel. (No biggie! Drawing pictures is so much easier than writing!) Hey, Neil de Grasse Tyson thought that Guardians of the Galaxy should have been a silent movie. Of course his reasons were scientific, not writerly, but whatever.

Which just crystallizes the thought that life should be about having fun and hunting the gorgonzola once in a while: Vive la France! (Alas, Google Search delivers no cheesy links between the election and gorgonzola.)

h/t: The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution/Quanta Magazine;

A Twinkle on Mars/Joseph Jameson-Gould

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NaPoWriMo#10: Beastie Abecedarian

Beastie Abecedarian

(Friday Feline meets Friday Field Mouse)

A one-sided stand-off was occurring

between the window and the birdhouse;

cat whiskers slightly trembling,

deconstructing seeds: the field mouse

ever-twitching rodent fluff ball,

foraging for food with cheeky grin

good neighbours made by this glass wall

he outside and she within

inside the exasperation rose:

jiggling shivers ran across her fur,

kitten’s nostrils wide on her pink nose

lightly vibrating in a strangled purr

more twitching consumed the feline frame,

nose now pressed against the window pane

oh, let me out, that mouse is game!

perturbations, as she miaowed in vain

quite ignorant of her palpitations,

rather nonchalant he rises on his haunches;

stares with now-nascent suspicions

towards where an evil shadow launches:

ugly intentions from that thud emanate!

verily, he has a sudden epiphany:

why be sorry? he hightails for the garden gate,

excited though to be the subject of such scrutiny

yonder smart field mouse, for now, free,

zooms away, squeaking with rodentish glee.

(OK, I am out of time; H/T: today’s prompt)