MischMasch Monday

Anna Bolena opera sketch
Weekend entertainment: Anna Bolena, by Gaetano Donizetti, based on the tragic history of Henry VIII’s marriage to, and eventual beheading of, Anne Boleyn.

Here’s a rubber and glue marriage: making a brand-new, faulty product work. (‘n Boer maak ‘n plan!)

 Another tumultuous relationship:
Cartoon about Riviera, Kahlo and avocados
‘Hope you had Happy Mother’s Day!
Flowers in the studio

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Happy Mother’s Day!

  ‘Feel like you’re dancing in an “elegant planetary ballet choreographed by the laws of physics” ? Lulled by the liquified lava lake Loki? No? Moms don’t let life give them the Wilis; they just put on the mom boots and dance! Yay for moms.

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I am reading Deirdre Kelly’s Ballerina: Sex, Scandal, and Suffering Behind The Symbol of Perfection

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Terra Cotta Mother
Terra Cotta Mother

Vir F

Bruin afrikaners in die lenteson

vol fynfyn poeier van kaneel

bind ek in ‘n ruiker saam vir jou

ek weet hoe min hoe niks my woorde sê

maar dalk sal jy tog weet sal jy verstaan

donkerbruin afrikaners in die lenteson

volfynfyn poeier van kaneel

in hierdie ruiker saamgebind vir jou


Mum Sleeps
Mum Sleeps (1973?)

…and what a lucky mum am I:

MOTHER'S DAY CARDcard(2013, hopefully)