Hydra Hoopla

Capricorn Hydra Harlequeen Go(a)thead (h/t: The Public Domain Review; PD picture) 

A little bit Morton-toed?

I am reading a punny little book called “Capricorn” Well, it had me at Capricorn, I confess.
Which led me to this wonderful site: The Warburg Institute Iconographic Database, and Hydra, of course.

Yes, you can get some more hydra pleasure on Redbubble (the only site where I seem to sell anything, though mostly single stickers, eh??)

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Touché Cliché

So, there’s a pussyhat in the V&A, but no wiki yet.

Sunday Mental Gym Poem: de-monstrate, not tell

I have been reading lists of clichés;
listening to talks about random violence-or-not at chuckycheezes
spoiler: it’s usually a domestic affair
weapons of mass destruction
small-step braveries
shooting of mentally ill patients in hospital beds
snatches of gravity’s rainbow
long re-reads of tortuous tales

It made the time on the treadmill go by slightly faster
even without time crystals

Touché cliché has a bonjour tristesse ring to it, no?
like sweat through a lulu leotard

demon straight
demon’s traits
– I am trying to think of a monster-
in 1500 words


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