Orchid Ceiling Cat

Orchid Ceiling Cat! Get it?


Happy Father’s Day this Sunday to the dads out there: It pays to be a dad

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A Stormy Day

WIP: Stormy Beach Day

It was a stormy day at the beach. We didn’t swim: what with the impending rain, the crocodiles and the jellyfish.

Good reason to be wary. Also of speedbumps and cassowaries. Sadly, I only saw one in captivity.

 and so, on to Calla and Tiger

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Green Tree Ant

Weaver ant from Daintree forest

I saw many of these industrious and co-operative Green tree ants in the Daintree forests. It was another day I had only my iPhone on me! In the picture below you can see them carrying off part of a beetle, or some other insect carapace. I watched two of them having quite a conversation about something. There are spiders that mimic them too. (See Ant Mimics, Alex Wild)

Do you want Green Tree Ants on your pants, or somewhere else?

PS: smarag = emerald (as in Oecophylla smaragdina)


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