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Gripping Memories

I have my photos on iPhotos, on Flickr, on Google photos. Flickr (used to?) give you one TB free storage, for iPhoto you need to pay for iCloud space, Google’s storage is limitless for reduced resolution. I like Google’s option … Continue reading

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Warm Memories

No Flies on Me! (Hi,Venus Bay :)) H/T: The secret of zebra stripes solved–or so scientists say. via Blogger http://ift.tt/2jyrXke

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All Hats Off

H/T: …Diets of Organisms can affect their DNA via Blogger http://ift.tt/2gpW7WD

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Slim Volumes

One of of the bundles of poetry I found in the old storage container was Komas uit ‘n Bamboesstok (Comas from a Bamboo Stalk), by D J Opperman. He wrote these poems after having been in a coma for seven … Continue reading

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It ain’t Over

Brynhildr, Dachshund, little clover-faced darling…she became very stout in her last years, yet she never sang. She came into our household already named. We called her Brünsy. How she would bark at the ring of the brass ship bell mounted … Continue reading

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To Make A Canoe

To Make a Canoe To make a canoe you need a corrugated iron sheet. You can nick one from a building site. You probably shouldn’t. Also an Outspan orange crate. Blue fencing wire off the farmer’s fence. Some nails. You … Continue reading

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TRifles and Trophies (alias TRaaiVul en TRouVies)

Game Sausages Her uncle was making sausage in the kitchen. The meat grinder was a relic passed down from her grandmother, his mother. She didn’t know whether this was out of sentimentality or if he genuinely didn’t have another one. … Continue reading

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Citroën Nostalgia

Oh, the good old days! My father was so proud of his Citroen. The superior front-wheel drive and hydro-pneumatic self-leveling suspension system were the topics of many a dinner conversation. He had us children positively giddy at the prospect of … Continue reading

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