Fall Not Apart

Before things fall apart…let’s do a not-spring-cleaning.

I have swept up and cleaned out the studio. It was starting to resemble a post-apocalyptic scene involving the little magic porridge pot, or magic pudding, or something, but without the magic. I must have secret cat genes – stacks of boxes too: they always seem so potentially useful. Hallelujah for pixels. What to do with all the canvases? Hand them out as Halloween treats? Burn party?! Bad for the atmosphere. Paint them all white. And start again…because I cannot stop.

Only a few days left of Inktober now.

I miss walking the hounds through the orange and red fall leaves and can still feel the crunch of the dry brown ones and cannot find that picture and why can’t  I and it’s frustrating.

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Of Noses and Neutron Stars

Wake up and smell the science! Can you find the elements of ‘climb’ on the tabula periodica?

I am still reading Robert Sapolsky’s ‘Behave’ :

Ironically, it seems that the genetic program of human brain development has evolved to, as much as possible, free the frontal cortex from genes.

Kind of like after the Big Bang, anti-matter tried to free the universe of  matter, and we luckily ended up with something rather than nothing 😉 Some fears are innate.

I have also tried to read ‘An Essay to Humane Understanding’ -John Locke, but feel a bit fatigued by the language… opted instead for an easy summary. (For now)  He thought of the human baby’s  brain as a ‘tabula rasa’…

How the universe creates gold / Earthsky;
Climbers Crush ‘Unbeatable’ Speed Record on El Capitan / NatGeo

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h/t: Shipworms: Do they float your boat? And when is a boat a ship? Can you wear the hat if it fits?
Maybe he’s referring to kakapo mermaids…


I am happily reading The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage, and have just come upon “… make it shipshape.” at loc 335 of 6981: it’s a serendipitous sign, no?

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