Bucket Haiku

Facing my spitting inhibitions with fortitude.

Shower bucket for grey water usage because of the drought.

Morning mist over the beaches of Paternoster.

Bucket Haiku

Empty, full
Full, empty
Kick it

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Henopause Haiku

#inktober event:
the gall of the galliform
die vide, her lament
Henny Penny and the Nest Egg

H/T: Chicken. I am eating eggs again. My brain and body are divided on the issue. Enquiring minds want to know: is this agnostic vegetarianism?  Fasting now and then seems to be a good bet. 

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Spot the Maculate!

Tenuous relationships: 
Hi, I’m Maculate, trumpeting in pain.
Can it, could it, lead to net gain?
A change at the polls?
‘depends on your goals…
Nothing’s ever black and white?
That’s just not right!
Do maculates change their spots?
I thinks nots!
Maculate Pisces
Panray from Gulf of Guinea

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