Underwater Belle

I doodle incessantly. But I am very bad at labelling and tagging and sorting, which means I need to dive athwart …

(Wait, where did that iBook go??? Oh noes, it has mysteriously been replaced by “inter alia” ! I have a terrrible, bad, no good feeling that the entire year of 2015 just got etherized. I am so demoralized that I’m not even going to fix this sentence.)

… my many storage methods, or rely on an increasingly poor memory. Well, maybe just an overloaded memory. As I do the loony dive, I need a bloodhound’s abilities to sniff out tidbits long forgotten.

But I digress. I came across an Afghan hound diving: a thing of beauty. Also a sight-hound, I think – not a smell-hound. But a true belle. It is the inspiration for today’s digital #inktober cartoon. Update: It’s actually from here: Long Haired Creature Gliding Smoothly Underwater

 Here is another beauty: a jaguar; found on You Tube (uploaded by Woodland Park Zoo)

and from The Guardian (YouTube/Vince Pinto):


Then there’s the real diving bell, as seen by moi in The British Science Museum! Maybe it’s one for a mouse.

Mmm, the boneskipper fly is bemused. Where is the corpse of 2015?

Keep diving, sweet loon: I see you on p. 36. I hope you haven’t been eaten by a diving bell spider. Maybe you are just wrapped in a gentle web-bubble somewhere that involves an old computer and a back-up disk.

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