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Swift Sunday : The Art of Seeing

Swift for #inktober2017

Swifts are not the fastest birds, but they can stay in the air for long times.
I love this:

Swift-growing-, and swift-shriveling now- fungi.

swift bird for #inktober2017

That swiftest and largest landbird: the ostrich!

Alas, no matter how much it flaps, it will never lift off. I remember an ostrich picture book  I used to read with my children on this topic…it’s probably in storage: Why Can’t I Fly? by Ken Brown. (He just needed lots of wing-friends.)

I have started my #inktober with following Jake Parker‘s #inktober2017 prompts!

Another swift, the fence swift. (Click for attribution). Probably not a flier either – it’s still on the fence about that activity:

Lizzard 1 Shawnee NP

Beautiful bones from an extinct swift runner, picture from around 1825 (American Museum Journal, via flickr):

Image from page 23 of "The American Museum journal" (c1900-[1918])//

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FlyDay Pied Fly

blue jay victim of windows

picture of a blue jay foot

Well, tomorrow I fly. I will miss the bird feeder and its garrulous visitors. I also feel sad for the blue jay, who met with the glass wall of infinity.

a cartoon of a pied crow and fly chromosplit mashup

I had been looking for a picture of a raven claw…’guess the blue jay’s would not be much different, albeit smaller. You can combine a raven and a fly…okay, a pied crow and a fly. (Just because I like pied crows and because the digital finger is mighty.) But can you combine pi and e? (Discovered via The Browser!)

portrait of a horse fly Tabanus atratus, PD, Wikimedia Commons
Portrait of a horse fly!

Well, no more spouting for a while. The blogging ball will just have to levitate by itself for a bit. Maybe. I will take my iPad with me…

a cartoon of a pied fly juggling a yin yang ball

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Sally Forth

I watched a video this morning which lead me to watching the Cornell Lab’s live cam on Kauai Laysan Albatrosses… kind of soothing. Imagine being at sea for six years, and having to learn to walk again.

I started writing a poem, as one does. It is NaPoWriMo, after all.

Chilly, and broken-sharp
Gypsum bones in the wind:
Thoughts swirl; pile on
Not crystalline, not clear.
Those devilish details,
the little cat mews.

I’ll not harp; never mind.
The urge has gone; never fear.
Wails and fails…
But thanks iac, ScienceNews.

Has the sun set on satire in children’s stories?  Who Will Think of the Children?

h/t: Trump for Young Readers/Eric Alterman

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