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King Corny Muse

Je m’amuse: dang, forgot the crown! Saccorhytus coronarius; not a putz to futz around… H/T: “One of our oldest ancestors has been discovered, and it had a big mouth and no butt“ via Blogger http://ift.tt/2kZuml5

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Ah, for Coffee!

Yours, but for a click: Coffee Chemistry!  I cheated a bit to get the O, H, N molecules and the five flower-evolutions in there…  H/T’s to The evolution of caffeine from the Pharyngula blog;  the Caffeine wiki. Of course, if you prefer haiku, this … Continue reading

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New Bestseller: Petrified!

Evolution and War as a game  ‘Petrified’ might be a better name! Or Devilution? h/t: Bacteria Evolution via Blogger http://ift.tt/2cQJWR8

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Remipede! How can you not love a title like this: The first venomous crustacean revealed by transcriptomics and functional morphology: remipede venom glands express a unique toxin cocktail dominated by enzymes and a neurotoxin (From Molecular Biology and Evolution Journal; follow … Continue reading

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It’s a nice challenge to re-write abstracts as haikus. Padian, K. 2013. Correction some common misrepresentations of evolution in the textbooks and the media. Evolution: Education and Outreach 6:11. (This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative … Continue reading

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Sturgeon Haiku

h/t to Science Daily: Living Fossils? Actually, Sturgeon Fish are Evolutionary Speedsters Related articles Sturgeon Are Fastest-evolving Fish on Earth, Study Says (natureworldnews.com) Living fossils? Actually, sturgeon are evolutionary speedsters (oddonion.com) Sturgeon are Some of the Fastest-Evolving Fish on Earth: … Continue reading

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A Nudish Medley of Mischellany

With the summer holidays upon us, I seem to have less time for my blogs! So, I’m going to post this medley (assortment, mélange, variety, mix, potpourri, bricolage, gallimaufry, mishmash, salmagundi…thanks Thesaurus)) and hope it can serve for a week. … Continue reading

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