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In Absinthe

In Absinthe, a cartoon with Dilly, the wood louse
An impatient Dilly is off to indulge in some medical tourism. (Don’t worry she’s NOT the trip’s patient Zero.) However, methinks her dilly-dallying might be innate. How to get rid of the dally but keep the dilly: that is the question. A nice dram of Pimpinella anisum in communion with ouzo might be sampled.
If you decide to go into the woods today, prepare yourself with these essential pick-unique items:
Borne, by Jeff Vandermeer (Star Bear is so impressed.), and Aaron Mahnke’s Lore podcast, Ep 67: The Redcoats!
A haiku horror picture story sample page.
From The Star Bear Odyssey: a haiku horror picture story.

Also just finished reading Charles Stross‘s Laundry Files 5: The Rhesus Chart, which contains a delightful scene, and sentence, with a vicar and a vampire on a Vespa. This book made me laugh in so many places – in a good way.

Kiss, kiss!

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