Pitch and Feather


‘Love these Will McPhail pigeons. (That’s the given link.)

Dr. D├Ąckel Dachshund

H/T: Tar and feather, and Singularity black, which is the pitcherest black of all. Still working on the pitcheon.

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FlyDay Pied Fly

blue jay victim of windows

picture of a blue jay foot

Well, tomorrow I fly. I will miss the bird feeder and its garrulous visitors. I also feel sad for the blue jay, who met with the glass wall of infinity.

a cartoon of a pied crow and fly chromosplit mashup

I had been looking for a picture of a raven claw…’guess the blue jay’s would not be much different, albeit smaller. You can combine a raven and a fly…okay, a pied crow and a fly. (Just because I like pied crows and because the digital finger is mighty.) But can you combine pi and e? (Discovered via The Browser!)

portrait of a horse fly Tabanus atratus, PD, Wikimedia Commons
Portrait of a horse fly!

Well, no more spouting for a while. The blogging ball will just have to levitate by itself for a bit. Maybe. I will take my iPad with me…

a cartoon of a pied fly juggling a yin yang ball

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All hale (and hearty) the Peawhale

If 42 is the answer, then the peawhale is your friend. The peawhale: a frequent visitor to the C-wing of the modern art gallery. They’re full of bean there, done nut. Rude patrons at the pub sometimes call them blubbernuts. Tant pis.

Like the peawhale, who goes south for the summer-winter of the smashwords content sale – where you can get ebooks at good prices (half-price with SSW50 as from July1) – I will be off to winters and weddings and away for a while with a smile. Hopefully having a whale of a time.

Michelle de Villiers: some book covers

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