A Stormy Day

WIP: Stormy Beach Day

It was a stormy day at the beach. We didn’t swim: what with the impending rain, the crocodiles and the jellyfish.

Good reason to be wary. Also of speedbumps and cassowaries. Sadly, I only saw one in captivity.

 and so, on to Calla and Tiger

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Glam Clam

In the Eyes of the Scallop

I have added I, Scallop to Fine Art America. Before I clam up for the remainder of 2017, here is a nice article; I might have mentioned it before? Anyways: Muscular mechanics and the ontogeny of swimming in scallops, by S J Gould.  I don’t understand it all, but have a soft spot for scallops, though no desire to consume adductor muscles.


I have made some scrappy window decals to ward the birds against the windows. They look pretty against the light.



An own XMas present:

One hundred pages of 2017 doodles (on iBooks too)

The cats are happy with the light balls and the ginormous box they came in.


I am at last watching The Handmaid’s Tale TV series: so good.

Happy holidays!

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Birch Brackets

Ah! new-born razor strop, next to the ivy-clad silver birch.

I wonder what nibbled on it? Not a holly blue’s caterpillar, probably.

Stroppy Shelf Life
The dead birch trees dream of Ötzi the Iceman
and of their pale youth
when a coat of green loyal ivy
shaded them from bulbous fungi
– not a shield from whipworm, a human problem after all –
One silver birch still stands,
stretched tall to the blue sky,
snug in the coiled embrace of fruiting ivy,
alive with bumble-bees
– or are they the selfsame carpenters that drilled their brethren’s polka dots? –
The winter cat awaits with polished claws
and snowy cloak, hidden in its cloudy paws.

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