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Horror Vacui

Despite my skepticism, the ducts have been evacuated. No baby mice were found, only a few bobby pins. Ah, the hair-raising horror! At least, according to the poor kitties; or maybe they’re upset about the complimentary smell of tiger balm.

h/t: Yoshihiko Arita, Mingzhou Chen, Ewan M. Wright, and Kishan Dholakia, “Dynamics of a levitated microparticle in vacuum trapped by a perfect vortex beam: three-dimensional motion around a complex optical potential,” J. Opt. Soc. Am. B  34, C14-C19 (2017)

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*Neuter Accusative of ‘Hic’

So, the snow has arrived. This called for sequestering of the body-in-denial under a comfy duvet; iPad and Netflix, hummus, blue corn chips, and a glass of wine. All thirteen episodes of Jessica Jones. That helped.

Also, I published ad hoc*, which is now available for download. Add some stars to the holiday season! 

The Humusnist


The Humusnist

Consider the seven stages of man

and the celestial sandwich of

heavenly virtues

no regret for those layers

-even the toasted ones-

the croque madame

or cucumber ones,

or the sandwitch relish dance

on the edge of the platter

some nibbles left on the plate

-not too much, like before-

the picnic went to the dogs

déja vu: who wants a sandwich headstone?

the humusnist in her

mushroom screw-in coffin


Bukowski and Zevon, what would they say

at this elevenses’ hour?

(H/T’s to Charles Bukowski, Warren Zevon, Ed Naha)