West Coast

 What a beautiful coastline. We walked most of the trails – most of the forest walks have well-maintained boardwalks, some well-worn, others brand new. The azaleas are in full bloom everywhere, bringing a festive air to everything. While we did not see any wolves, bears, or whales, we did run across a small snake basking in the sun, a black slug, a mottled yellow banana slug, lots of crows and robins, centipedes. Not many midges or mosquitoes at all. The woods are cool, perfect for walking.

Tofino has an excellent restaurant – Wolf in the Fog; a coffee bar with one of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted; a well-worth-the visit botanical garden, and a Roy Henry Vickers art gallery, amongst other attractions.

This attractive octopus came out to entertain us at the Ucluelet catch-and-release aquarium. I enjoyedthe aquarium tremendously!
Green anemones!
Whale fetus.

The Botanical Gardens: another high point.

I highly recommend Norwoods Restaurant in Ucluelet!

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Upscale Bug

Moon Shadow, sun eclipse 2017

Gatti is not impressed.

On August 21 we will enjoy a 88% eclipse coverage that starts at 9:10 a.m. In Vancouver and in Toronto a 76% coverage that starts at 1:10 p.m.

H/T: Into the shadow: What you need to know about the total solar eclipse that’s coming to North America – The Globe and Mail/ Ivan Semeniuk

From xkcd:

Eclipse science cartoon

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It’s all Relative.

 Who knew stinging nettles could be so tasty?

 Apex predator, long, long ago. Probably didn’t dine on stinging nettle risotto.

 Meanwhile, spring continues to spring forth.

Canada is so young.

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It’s Victoria Day

A Victoria Day Mash-Up
A Victoria Day Mash-Up

H/T to Princess Victoria of Kent, whose self-portrait I blended with that of the attractive Victoria Crowned Pigeon:

Victoria's own Sketch 1835
Victoria‘s own Sketch 1835. Does she know about the nine children to come yet?

This is the pigeon:

Victoria Crowned Pigeon (Wikimedia)

Well, happy all things Victoria-ish! There are 10403 natural beauties on EOL, including the water jellyfish and the Victoria Regina Orchid.