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The Other Coast

And a cup of tea, brewed for 4 minutes.

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It’s all Relative.

 Who knew stinging nettles could be so tasty?  Apex predator, long, long ago. Probably didn’t dine on stinging nettle risotto.  Meanwhile, spring continues to spring forth. Canada is so young. via Blogger http://ift.tt/2oyg2mu

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Big Ideas

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You don’t say: It’s a Grey jay!

The Grey jay, both salt and pepper flavours, a friendly contender. Isn’t that a great picture of a hatchling? with Attribution: Dan Strickland at the English language Wikipedia, reference.

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It’s Victoria Day

H/T to Princess Victoria of Kent, whose self-portrait I blended with that of the attractive Victoria Crowned Pigeon: This is the pigeon: Well, happy all things Victoria-ish! There are 10403 natural beauties on EOL, including the water jellyfish and the Victoria … Continue reading

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