A Wasp To Her Roach

Emerald Lady

A Wasp To Her Roach 

I sting you with exquisite care

the bug  with two venemous* jabs

tan cockroach this jewel wasp‘s host

now the lame beast’s the pale egg’s lair

in a tale as true as are most

that are culled from the grim facts of state

tan cockroach with venomous jabs

I bring you an emerald fate.

For this day’s NaPoWriMo fun, I googled “the most famous poem in the world”, and it resulted in….?

(Click here for the answer. Well, in Safari, at least. In Chrome it’s Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, but as I am lazy, and it is longer… The emerald lady is, of course, also phenomenal.)

*the passive-aggressive obsolete form of venomous


Sprucing Up?

They Spruce Themselves Up- 1799- Francisco Goya (WikiPaintings)

Time to spruce up for the season.

Medusa, Still experiencing Difficulties...
Medusa, Still experiencing Difficulties…(own work, acrylic)

Medusa had the right idea after all…

Two of the lovely tall spruce trees have given the ghost. My view is so much the poorer for it. At -10 degrees C the beetles must be hibernating for next season.

The Handsome Lithops

lithopsH/T to the humble lithops, who are not cyclopse. The first scientific description of a lithops was made by William John Burchell, this gentleman:

William John Burchell

(via Wikipedia)

Here is a very nice time lapse of a lithops flowering: (Sorry, maybe the video won’t play, though it is CC)

Lithop’s first Bloom

Dandelion Doggerel

Taraxcum PerdBlom
Taraxacum PerdBlom 

Just thirty million

years ago, taraxacum

came from Eurasia


“The tarashaquq”,

scientist Al-Razi then wrote

“is like chicory“…


It has many names:

dog’s lettuce, mole’s salad too

yes, dent de lion


Blowball, cankerwort

doon-head clock, witch’s gowan

milk witch and monk’s head


Irish daisy too

pee-a-bed, priest’s crown, perdblom

swine’s snout, wild endive



the shark moth frolics in your

sweet yellow petals!


Nectar for the young

pearl-bordered fritillary:

spring’s butterfly


Its yellow flowers

turn to blowball floret seeds;

parachute away!

(H/T to Taraxacum‘s Wikipedia entry; the Shark moth picture, attribution ©entomart)

As Moth Week fades into memory for this year, we can look forward to Shark Week. Cucullia umbratica is a good combination, not?)


Bottergeel blom van my hart

slaan aan skerwe die monnikgrou smart

met jou groen leeutand blaartjies

en wit vosperd haartjies

val, skerm in die wind

sprei wyd en vêr jou saadjies, kind!


Stille waters, troebel grond

onder swem die hondhaai rond

met glinster glimlag op sy

stomme, vlymskerp mond

sweef vry melkknopkoppie,

jy lyk nou so ongeskond!


(Here is another Perdeblom)



Ziziphus Haiku

Ziziphus Haiku
Ziziphus Haiku

Ziziphus trumps sisyphus. What a pinnacle of a tree for Z!

Hail the wonderful Ziziphus Mucronata (Willd), Blinkblaar-wag-‘n-bietjie, Jujubier de la hyène, Juba plant (in The Love Potion)  of Herman Charles Bosman, the ultimate aphrodisiac!

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