Light Rain

 I hope the weekend didn’t rain on your parade. This is as good a week as any for some magical thinking: I have finished the Shades of Magic (V. E. Schwab) series, which was fun, and am on to Ra (Sam Hughes; h/t: SF For Nothing, Stories For Free).

‘Also listened to Science Friday: Math and Social Justice, Chicago Coyotes, Meteorites; and made sure not to chew the cherry stones (at least, not more than ten), though the cherries are very nice right now!

h/t: Breaking Bad News – 99% Invisible

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I have started a new sculpting as I muse upon some of the books I’ve read/listened to, am-reading. I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice (Austen) on Librivox, then started Emma – but the first bit made me fall asleep; I have sort of finished Behave (Sapolsky), but struggled to focus a bit as well. So did The Small Rain (L’Engle) fail me. Luckily, there is Dark State (Stross) to look forward to, and I have started Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny (Kate Manne; “sexism is scientific (patriarchal ideology that justifies and rationalizes social order), misogyny moralistic (the system that polices and enforces its governing norms and expectations”), which is excellent thus far. To add to that, I’ve procured Women and Power (Beard) and also Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong – and the New Research That’s Rewriting the Story (Saini). Also on The Good Earth (Buck), good.

Squat Pose

I have become disused to the feel of it:
the slick wetness and grit,
the messiness of clay.
I keep wanting to wash my hands;
‘have bent the soft wire frame,
stuck it into the pink polystyrene block,
tore paper strips and wrapped it, somewhat.
Is this the right order?
When will the process flow again?
This is physical finger digital
-lest one be accused of precipitousness-
I have to stop a while;
wash my hands,
now with clay half-moons under the nails.
I wrap the damp cloth around the clay stump-
the severed limb of a golem.

From the sanskrit naravirala "man cat"
Based on a moth I saw in Caicos. I could not identify it, but think it might have been a Titan sphinx. Alas, I couldn’t find as useful an app as Merlin Bird ID, (which id’d my Ruddy Turnstone quite readily, even from a sketch) for moths. Influenced by what I’m reading…there’s the sphinx‘s puzzle.
I’ve bought a few new watercolour cubes, clay and some brushes and paper – always fun. The clay was frozen rock hard when it was delivered; I feared it might be for the worse, but its texture is fine and creamy, now that it’s defrosted.

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h/t: Shipworms: Do they float your boat? And when is a boat a ship? Can you wear the hat if it fits?
Maybe he’s referring to kakapo mermaids…


I am happily reading The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage, and have just come upon “… make it shipshape.” at loc 335 of 6981: it’s a serendipitous sign, no?

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Dilly and Gatti are horrified by lack of legs to stand on

Talk about ‘foot-in-mouth‘! Dilly insists they were jellyfish larvae. It IS rather like something out of A Series of Unfortunate Events, yes. Mm: feet and ceilings

Speaking of feeding frenzies: I have finished the Atlanta Burns books and am on the second book of The Heartland Trilogy (by Chuck Wendig) Om-nom-nom-nom! (They are all extra-cheap on Amazon at the moment.)

H/T: Mystery sea creatures leave Australian teen bloodied after feasting on boy’s legs/ National/ Global News;
So, about this Googler’s manifesto/Yonatan Zunger

Real toe-biter (giant water bug):

Toe-biters: good dads

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