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Touché Cliché

So, there’s a pussyhat in the V&A, but no wiki yet. Sunday Mental Gym Poem: de-monstrate, not tell I have been reading lists of clichés; listening to talks about random violence-or-not at chuckycheezes spoiler: it’s usually a domestic affair Also: … Continue reading

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Irony’s Achilles’ Heel

H/T: Irony punctuation I can do better, says Achilles via Blogger http://ift.tt/2nmhMOf

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Blurry Bug

…is all I have today. And out of focus, at that. Outside with you! Are you even a true bug? Who cares? Add caption Not Nougatti. via Blogger http://ift.tt/2kZk04b

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Yer Seeing A Pest

The writings on the wall: Yersinia pestis roams earth. h/t: The Black Death via Blogger http://ift.tt/2dVZfoQ

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Fast Forward Poetea

Fast forward the daily slice of woman and mice (Slow forward’s okay too) You cannot affect the ex You cannot affect the why But you can have tea. via Blogger http://ift.tt/2dQRymc

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Touching Modern Margins

Modern marginalizations scribed on the touch screen. via Blogger http://ift.tt/28MK6SE

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(h/t: The Enormous Paws of the Canadian Lynx)

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Domestic Dabbling

Contemplating the Seated Power Pose, I suddenly wondered about endemic African ducks. And old Irish sayings: ‘there is no fireplace like your own fireplace’. If you’re lucky enough to have a hearth and home. I feel guilty about neglecting my … Continue reading

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Terrestrial Troubles: Dekselse Duwweltjies!

Beware the Geeldikkop! Tribulus terrestris can provide you with many a flat tire. I cannot blame my current frustrations on the humble duwweltjie, alas. They were rife in the veld between my childhood home and school, and caused many a … Continue reading

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Of Olives and Broccoli

I love olives. I do hope they can eradicate the dreaded Xylella fastidiosa, because the world would be a lesser place without olives. I believe there was a conference in Brussels about it… As you do. Cheered up? (did you … Continue reading

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