Goats, Sheep and Elephant


Farmer with his handsome goats


I believe they are of the Sirohi breed

The Sirohi goats have wonderful patterns on their coats and always look positive and clean! They are native to the district of Rajasthan.


Sheep with barber shop in the background


Elephant transport

I can’t but help feel sorry for the elephants.

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Calculating Machines

The Jantar Mantar monument in Jaipur, Rajasthan is a collection of nineteen architectural astronomicalhttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jantar_Mantar,_Jaipur#/search instruments, built by the Rajput king Sawai Jai Singh II , and completed in 1734 CE. It features the world’s largest stone sundial, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Located near City Palace and Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, the monument features masonry, stone and brass instruments that were built using astronomy and instrument design principles of ancient Hindu Sanskrit texts. The instruments allow the observation of astronomical positions with the naked eye. The monument expresses architectural innovations, as well as the coming together of ideas from different religious and social beliefs in 18th century India. The observatory is an example of the Ptolemaic positional astronomy which was shared by many civilizations. (Via Wikipedia)

 There are even twelve smaller ‘divination machines’ for the significant cultural work of establishing the suitability of prospective marriage partners.



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Cars, Cows, Camels

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Banyans and Monkeys

 Banyan trees!

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Rumbling Roads

 It’s come to this. The group is falling like flies what an a drive up here! It is very dry. But: we’ve seen our first tigers! A mother and cub. The cub chased after two wild boar to our immense delight. I swear Tilda Swinton swung by on another jeep just at that moment…

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 An early morning (to beat the crowds) visit to the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra. The intricate reliefs and semi-precious stone inlay work  are stunning. We also visited a workshop to see how the work is done. Twety_two years it took to get the building done! The Red Fort where the imprisoned Shah Jahan died was also on the itinerary: he spent his last eight years in the bedroom (last picture), served only by his daughter, who saw to it that he was interred next to her mother in the mausoleum.

Bedroom in the Red Fort with view of the Taj Mahal

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Humayun’s Tomb

The grounds at Humayun’s mausoleum are spectacular. I am struggling with the syncing between my phone and iPad.

So much to see and do. We do a long bus ride today, where I will try to organize my photos. 

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Wires Crossed

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Pantoffel Class

News of the day about entitlement: talk about giving someone the slipper! “Pantoffel regering”?

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Spring in the Air

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