A Clowder Of Cretan Cats

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Olively Old

Monumental olive tree of Vouves, Crete
Around 3000 years old, and beautiful.

 Go forth; eat your olives and live long! Also, stay on the high horse. Avoid the olive fruit fly.

h/t: Tree Museum of Vouves.

Clippity Clop, gosh galloppe

Verrry old petrified olive leaves.

Olives, yogurt, honey: it must be Crete! Oh, and goats, wine and sunshine.

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Social Yeast in Time

Cartoon about bread and cutting back

I’m having rice cakes and Marmite to boost my yeast / Vitamin B intake. I never knew there was such a thing as marmite chocolate!

Die Botter Stotter
Veg an, roosterbrood!
Diep sny die broodlyn, kanniedood;
G’n brood of sjokolade
Wat van bittersoet  marmelade?
Gekskiedenis herhaal
Maakiesakie die taal.

[He is a hard man who is only just, and a sad one who is only wise: Voltaire?]

h/t: Behavioural ecology: The social side of wild yeast – David Queller / Nature

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Light Rain

 I hope the weekend didn’t rain on your parade. This is as good a week as any for some magical thinking: I have finished the Shades of Magic (V. E. Schwab) series, which was fun, and am on to Ra (Sam Hughes; h/t: SF For Nothing, Stories For Free).

‘Also listened to Science Friday: Math and Social Justice, Chicago Coyotes, Meteorites; and made sure not to chew the cherry stones (at least, not more than ten), though the cherries are very nice right now!

h/t: Breaking Bad News – 99% Invisible

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