A kind of a phantomish, grasshopperish walking stick insect/devil’s riding horse? (As seen sitting on the door of our rented car on Paxos.) Enquiring minds will have to rest frustrated, as with my lovely spider.

bug from a bugs life GIF on GIFER
‘Dunno what it was, but it went that way!

This is a pretty alarming angle.

And so it goes.


Tick-tock: the Inktober clock.

From London to Athens:

The Tower of the Winds – or Horologian of Andronikos Kyrrhestes – at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens, contains a water clock, or clepsydra (water thief), one of the oldest ways of measuring time. In this instance, probably not a brothel stop-watch, though it was a whistle-stop visit…