Burnt-Out Flying Monkeyshines

Flying Monkey
‘Came the witching hour

The moon shadow in a scorched earth petri dish,
A dollop of creamy colcannon.
Having taken a bawling out,
The felloes of the ramshackle cart,
Hitched to a shooting star,
Now need patching up,
Their coquetting tryst a farce,
The butterfingers drop a ball of nightmares.
But better to have loved foolishly,
Than not at all, the YSL thinks.
Who feeds on fulgurant false memory?
Oh, what fresh csùfnev madeleine hell,
The postmenopausal birth,
Art in pure production lost,
An endless predator pipeline,
Profiting by the blood of dinosaurs.
No rest for the wicked witches of the west,
Soon warming waters will wash over
The yellow brick road, bringing rest.

Boba Brain

Boba Brain
I like the cut of your jib,

So glib with lack of possession
Your gemmules amigs carouse
In a froideur of radio silence,
Filtering a laisser-aller load
Of falsity and refoulement,
Jackling facts to frame
From a sea of faltering freedom,
Leaving pyrophoric mind prints,
In devilish dendritic sprint,
Like piffy on a rock bun.

No See Lion

H/T: Simba’s Future. Also, hoping for no increase to selfies with captive-bred cubs…

I saw this on the BBC News App:

Whale ‘swallows’ sea lion: ‘It was a once-in-a-lifetime event’

Wildlife photographer Chase Dekker took the photos while whale watching in California.


From Wikionary: “To intrude on a conversation with disingenuous questions in an attempt to engage in unwanted debate as a form of harassment.”

From Macmillandictionary.com: “In an online conversation, repeatedly asking a person questions or making comments which suggest that you are interested in what they are talking about, but are actually intended to annoy them”

The reference is taken from “WONDERMARK: A Collaboration With The Dead” web comic #1062; “The Terrible Sea Lion

“Becky is being a real Sealion, like, no one wants to debate her wack-ass and she won’t take a hint.”