Early Birds

Some bad shots of the blue jays, cardinals and sparrows at the newly half-filled feeder. I nearly fell off the ladder trying to fill it. Luckily the eave was nearby, so I didn’t drop.

Cardinal at bird feeder.
Not-eavesdropping blue jay at feeder.

Cartoon of filling the bird feeder whilst on wobbly ladder

 I did overfill the plunge pool whilst binge-watching The Bridge though- after all that exertion. First the filter was burping air for lack of water, and now it was spouting and splashing gaily into the daffodil bed. Which brought out the carpenter ants in droves. Did the blue jays thank me for the almost-eavesdropping? No.

Thank goodness it has stopped raining: the water was making its way to the door. The sunlight off the pool’s shimmering surface is so pretty. Sundays should come with hazard pay.

Cucumber and chicken chromosplice illustration.

Here is a cool cuken. 

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One Reply to “Early Birds”

  1. I wonder how many birds perform the anting behaviour? I have a European starling who, when he eats any beetles, crickets, or other insects, instinctively wipe them on his wings, front and back. At least it appears to be an instinctual reaction. Wonder if starlings also do something similar when encountering ants?

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