Curious Chromasplices

Everyone knows that if you cross a Jack jumper ant (2 chromosomes) with a sweet potato (90 chromosomes) you get a human (92/2=46). But you have to do it very carefully, with the right incantations, otherwise you might end up with a Grevy’s zebra, that striped kin of the Hagerman horse. No? Well, there are many ways to kill a cat, which is frankly a barbaric expression, but. You could also splice a cherry and a goat, a cucumber and a chicken, or a cabbage and a camel (one-humped). Maybe a water buffalo and a coffee bean? Somehow, I think a lot could go wrong. No wonder the oxytricha trifallax protists (15600 chromosomes) protested, being very much more advanced in their splicing choices.

Still, the sweetpotant is a handsome animal: jumpy with a sweet disposition; not invasive.

H/T: A small species of Myrmecia on patrol near its nest; Steve Shattuck, CC-By-2.0

Here’s a fun twitterer; biology in emojis:

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