Thermodynamically Motivated Gouda

I read an ebook this weekend. I enjoyed it a lot, even though it sprang a few formatting hernias on my iPad, probably because it was meant to be read on a Kindle. Trying to match the errant continuation of a hilarious paragraph on an adhering page was fun — an additional bonus in a way — especially since I’ve had my own share of ebook formatting problems. That the style it was written in was inspired by an author I also enjoyed, added to my interest.

My own similar-style attempt/WIP lead to an editor delicately advising me to maybe consider changing the entire work to a wordless graphic novel. (No biggie! Drawing pictures is so much easier than writing!) Hey, Neil de Grasse Tyson thought that Guardians of the Galaxy should have been a silent movie. Of course his reasons were scientific, not writerly, but whatever.

Which just crystallizes the thought that life should be about having fun and hunting the gorgonzola once in a while: Vive la France! (Alas, Google Search delivers no cheesy links between the election and gorgonzola.)

h/t: The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution/Quanta Magazine;

A Twinkle on Mars/Joseph Jameson-Gould

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