Owl Whale


Owl Whale

I could’t find a whale dictionary

in the special internet owl dictionary shop

I found the goose-beaked whale instead


What an owl whale of a time I had with it:

Cuvier’s beaked whale, water-owl of old

Ziphius with the toothed beak


Strap on your xiphos-sword;

pierce the word-ship’s hull

Does your sea-song get bent in that concave skull?


or are you diving deeper and deeper

to escape the noisy information sea

and the Japanese scientific cull?


Il n’y a plus rien, avec le temps. (See Léo Ferré)


Bonus: Just for you, because you couldn’t care a sou: Beaked Whale


20562915226_a8d57cc525_z copy

Image from page 27 of “Cetaceans of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary / prepared for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service by Stephen Leatherwood; Cetaceans of the Channel 



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