Dozen Day! It is NaPoGloMo Day 12…Without further ado, an Index Poem:


Chrys waters the castor oil plant

that grows next to the cardboard castle

in Uganda

There she has chameleons.

They chat and play with charms;

she does her hair in chignons

like the girls

of Dodinga,

of Karamojo,

of iNiashukulumbi, of Shilluk, of Suk,

of Turkana.

The colobus, Coly

pretends to be a cormorant

but Coucal chases the cranes


over craters and crests

past the crocodiles

cuckoo, lark-heeled.

*Chrysanthemums ; Pyrethrum, the Old World Chrysanthemum:



made with Paper53, and Man and Beast in Eastern Ethiopia‘s input.



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