Gerbera Gusto


The Barberton daisies I grew up with looked different from the one above, which is probably a hothouse-grown hybrid.


Gerbera jamesonii

There were red ones, but I liked the white ones:

Gerbera viridifolia, Waterberg.jpg
By JMKOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

It made me think of floriography– which is flower symbolism:

However, my enthusiasm for the conceit was somewhat tempered after sampling some of my favourite flowers:

hydrangea: heartlessness

pomegranate: foolishness

quince: temptation (I can live with that.)

basil: hatred (WOT?!! It’s delicious, especially with pine nuts.)

lavender: distrust


peony: shame

prickly pear: satire (Good one!)

thistle: retaliation

white rose: death, preferable to loss of innocence (Yuk)

acacia: friendship (obviously astute stuff, this!)

foxglove: insincerity, etc.

De gustibus non est disputandum. Is ‘good taste’ subjective?  Not mine! The natural object is always the adequate symbol, says Pound.

My photos are not syncing on Photo, despite paying for more storage, which is frustrating. Hopping to Google Photos, downloading my own pics, and back. On Chrome the WordPress site keeps expanding and shrinking like Alice in Wonderland, and then the mouse gets all sticky; it feels like April Fool’s Day, or something. Maybe my Gerbera posting is suffering from Phytophthora tentaculata.



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