Crimson Kismet


The hounds keep losing condition. Starbuck has lost about five kilograms since last May, and Pepper probably more. They still enjoy their walks though, and since we are now entering much colder weather they are sporting new crimson coats. They are somewhat intimidated by the experience and not going about their ablutions with zest. Their poor skeletons don’t poke out so obviously though: one can pass other dog-walkers without the urge to explain the duo’s emaciated appearances.



Their coats reminded me of the Rooiborslaksman (red-breasted executioner), or Crimson-breasted gonolek/shrike/boubou (Laniarius atrococcineus). Both sexes sport the stylish black jacket and red underparts.


(I wouldn’t punish those I don’t like to death though!)IMG_0032

I just like to make pictures. The executioner is coming to Redbubble too!IMG_0031


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  1. Great post. Thank you.

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