Crested Barbet is Handsome

2015-12-17 21.46.26

It’s the bird with the valiant beak! According to Wikipedia its family is Lybidae ( Crested barbet); or Ramphastidae (Avibase- which has all the names in different languages)…it has a touch of toucan in it, I guess? It sure is attractive though. Mmm, bird books for Xmas.

The Adobe Draw app is very delicious, but it rasterizes on the save, so I did it on Procreate again where a bigger canvas size is possible. Next time I will try Graphic on the iPad, where I can export the drawing and retain the vector crispness. I wish I had an iPad Pro! Mmm, Xmas.

Oh, and here is the Crested Barbet merch.

(Built on a photograph by Vjosullivan at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons)


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