Rhino Nostril Ruminations


So, we go from hornbill to rhinoceros. There is a rhinoceros hornbill:


I was thinking of the rooibekrenostervoël though, or Buphagus erytrohynchus which is colloquially known as the Red-billed oxpecker. I see Wikipedia shows some other vernacular names, but next to none in the African languages…well, those -or some of those at least- can be found on the Biodiversity explorer website. It being an African bird and all. If you know that an oxpecker belongs to the Sturnidae, that is. So, it took me a while. The ticks on game animals are horrendous; I especially noted them around the eyes of the white rhino above. (Second pic. We were skedaddling too fast from the bad-tempered black rhino to contemplate her tick buddies!)  How annoying they must be. Or, maybe they really are stuck in a dead-end relationship? You can also see an abundance of ticks on giraffe, buffaloe, zebra, etc. Three cheers for the oxpecker, who obviously enjoys its blood-meals nicely wrapped in blue.

2015-12-11 18.44.43

Maybe you too could benefit from the spiritual, um, terrestrial, scarfical protection of an oxpecker?

Mmm: a rather clever shot of two oxpeckers on a buffalo, doing their thing:

And another. (Sorry for the rather obvious advertising of Mazda. And the aggressive period at the end of that sentence.)

MAZDA – Oxpecker from Green Renaissance on Vimeo.


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