Let’s do the Manly Walk!

And a wonderful walk it was! (First the train, then the ferry.) On to the walk; admire the little stainless steel sculptures that line the Shelly Beach. I did not see the artist’s name, but after googling a bit, I  think they were  done by Tim Johnman. I liked them all, especially the leafy sea dragons and the gloomy octopuses. 

Of course, there were the real cabbage trees, the water dragons, the sulphur-crested cockatoos…and later on, a war quilt exhibition at the art museum. 

Rounded off with a scrumptious lunch. 

According to my  trusty Health App we only walked 7.99 km;  12,179 steps, and climbed but 15 floors, and all without the 20kg backpack ! Nevertheless,  we feel that we deserve our Just Another Sauv (from NZ!). And after that, maybe a wee bit of Sweet William Tastes-Like-Chocolate…


Cabbage tree palm


Leafy sea dragon


Gloomy octopus




Sea dragon


Sulphur-crested cockatoo


Lentil burger



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One Response to Let’s do the Manly Walk!

  1. Marilyn Yount says:

    Still enjoying your posts Michelle. Are you still based in Canada?

    Sent from my iPad


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