Need Inspiration? Come See Our Collections!

Inspiring, yes.

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Did you know that our 10 million specimens are a source of artistic inspiration?

Visual artist Mary Baranowski-Lowden routinely visits our collections at our research and collections facility to make drawings.

Mary’s main medium of expression is etching. She moved from the very urban city of Toronto, Ontario, and now lives in a pastoral setting along the Gatineau River in Wakefield, Quebec. She finds the nature that surrounds her inspired her work. Its complexity presents its own challenges.

It all began with a bird’s nest. The sculpture-like construction intrigued her. Driven by the desire to understand, be inspired by this “work of art”, and do justice to Mother Nature’s model in her drawings, Mary decided she wanted to learn more about the nest and the species of bird that created it.

Collage of nest, bird and plant images Top left: Copper engraving of the first nest, drawn below. Right: Prized collage (Natural Elements II) containing the…

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