Caballos de Cavalia

Cavalia Odysseo

An amazing show: Cavalia’s  Odysseo. My snaps don’t do it justice- they do look better in sepia though. Photography is not allowed (yes, person with the annoying flash) during the show, but we could take some snaps in the stables afterwards. The horses were tired after their intense work-out and more interested in their food by then- lots of heads in buckets and in straw. So many different breeds: Appaloosa, Arabian, Ardennais, Belgian, Canadian (“the little iron horse”), Comtois, Criollo, Lippizan, Lusitano, Oldenberg, Paint, Percheron, Quarter horse, Spanish purebred, Warmblood. Only a few stallions (about 7?) and the rest all geldings, with more than 60 horses in the show. Apparently it is very hard to train the stallions; they want to fight all the time. And there are no mares!

I enjoyed the human acrobatics. How fit these people must be.


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