Magnolia Medley

magnolia1 magnolia2 magnolia3 magnolia4 magnolia5

The magnolias are out! These were meant to make me less maudlin…

With work being done on the deck I have been letting the dogs out into the courtyard. There is just too much barking and growling and eating people’s lunches. Sekia is helping out, as usual.

Nicole on toolbox

In the courtyard we have now opened the pond from its winter slumber.

The somewhat thinner chipmunk had woken and was sitting on Chipmunk Rock a couple of days ago. The silly, wonderful robins are building a nest in the large tree next to the garage- exactly where the masons will need to do their work. I do hope there are no eggs yet…

This morning,  I peered at  the debris that had settled on the pond bottom overnight. With great sadness I have to report that Mister Chipmunk has drowned and is lying under there, his little paws outstretched. Maybe the dogs had caught him unawares…


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