A Wasp To Her Roach

Emerald Lady

A Wasp To Her Roach 

I sting you with exquisite care

the bug  with two venemous* jabs

tan cockroach this jewel wasp‘s host

now the lame beast’s the pale egg’s lair

in a tale as true as are most

that are culled from the grim facts of state

tan cockroach with venomous jabs

I bring you an emerald fate.

For this day’s NaPoWriMo fun, I googled “the most famous poem in the world”, and it resulted in….?

(Click here for the answer. Well, in Safari, at least. In Chrome it’s Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, but as I am lazy, and it is longer… The emerald lady is, of course, also phenomenal.)

*the passive-aggressive obsolete form of venomous


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