Fishy ID

Trey Kantrop or Pristolepis fasciata picture (Prfas_u0.gif), Ref. No. 12693, via (CC_BY_NC 3)

(H/T to Rainboth, W.J., 1996. Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong. FAO Species Identification Field Guide for Fishery Purposes. FAO, Rome, 265 p. )

I scoured the web, looking for the fish that inspired the lucky iron fish I mentioned yesterday. I do believe I found it: the Trey Kantrop, or Pristolepsis fasciata.

Trey is Khmer for fish, I think. Kantrop is a citrus-type fruit and leaf used in Cambodian cuisine. The fishbase photos show the fruit to have the same colour as the trey fish. I found mention of it on mmm-yoso!!!:

He spelled it Kantrop*. I found several citations of it, in English it’s called Wampee, or Chinese clausena. It is the leaf of a certain type of citrus fruit tree. In Vietnam it’s called Hồng bì, I had never had anything like it before. We even saw the trees growing on the trail up Kbal Spean.

Clausena lansium (auto-translated wiki!)


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  1. Tania Framst says:

    Hey thanks for sharing the Lucky Iron Fish Project and we’d be happy to share the science behind it with you!

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