Laslappies en Vonkelwyn (Scraps and Bubbly)

Ouma se Berg! (Near Betty’s Bay in the Cape)


With a glass of Hermanuspietersfontein on hand (longest Afrikaans name for a winery), you will smile…

Houw Hoek farm stall: A must-stop, with the best fresh bread.





20140203-233041.jpg Miss Molly of Môreson, a fortuitous discovery.

20140203-233009.jpg This is the point, of course, where you appreciate this saying. (H/T to Wild Goose Studio’s casting by Oísin Kelly.) There is no fireside like your own fireside…

20140203-233430.jpg This is also the point where I cannot remember the name of this splendid tree. In my defense, I have a cracking headache and a miserable cold. (Quercus suber: a cork tree in the wine region makes sense! 🙂 )



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4 Responses to Laslappies en Vonkelwyn (Scraps and Bubbly)

  1. Koeksusters!! Feeling homesick…

  2. Link Police says:

    quercus suber

  3. Marilyn Yount says:

    Oh, I have been there with Milan and Olga, such great memories.

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